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Generate AI-powered images - in 1 click.

With Airbrush's AI technology, you can create original stock photos, NFTs, art, and more - in just seconds.

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High Quality images for every use-case

If you're looking for high quality images, you have to look no further than Airbrush. Airbrush provides a wide variety of images that can be used in any type of project, from advertisements to websites to presentations. Airbrush offers a variety of pricing options so that you can find the perfect image for your project. You can also search for the right image by using keywords or tags, and save your favorite images for quick and easy access.

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Four problems. One solution.

Airbrush helps you with your four main problems:


Save money

Save time and money from creating your own stock images.


Use anywhere

Get professional-looking results from your home or office computer.



Get the professional-quality images you need without the need for a photoshoot.


Easy to use

Create photos, illustrations, and art with Airbrush's easy-to-use interface.



Affordable Plans

Choose the plan as per your requirements

  • Free Plan
  • $ 0.00 / month
  • 20 Image Credits
  • Image Upscaling
  • Blog Article Cover
  • Image to text converter
  • Image History
  • Public Gallery
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  • Premium Plan
  • $ 9.00 / month
  • 500 Image Credits
  • Image Upscaling
  • Blog Article Cover
  • Image to text converter
  • Image History
  • Public Gallery
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Frequently Aksed

Can I use the generated images for commercial purposes?

Yes, users get full usage rights to commercialize the images they create with, including the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise. Users can use the AI images for commercial projects, such as illustrations for children's books, art for newsletters, concept art and characters for games, mood boards for design consulting, graphics for websites, storyboards for movies, and much more.

What AI engines are supported by Airbrush for image generation?

Airbrush supports multiple AI engines for image generation, including Stable Diffusion, Stable Diffusion XL, DALLE-2, Anything, Wifu, Redshift, Analog, Protogen, Realistic Vision, Disney Pixar, Pixel Art, Anime Diffusion, T-shirt Diffusion, Inkpunk, Oscavatar, GraffityMidjourney, Edge of Realism, Double Exposure, Manga, Coloring Pages, All-In-One-Pixel-Model, and more. We are constantly adding new AI models!

What image sizes are supported by Airbrush?

You can generate images in the following resolutions: 256x256px, 512x512px and 1024x1024px. You can upscale any image up to 4x, which gives a maximum size of 4096x4096px.

Does Airbrush have a mobile app?

Yes, we have an app for Android devices on the Google Play Store. We are currently working on an app for Apple iPhone and iPad devices.


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Generate AI-powered images - in 1 click

Create original stock photos, NFTs, art, and more - in just seconds