What is DALLE 2?

Digital photorealistic image production and editing are about to get considerably simpler. A new AI system called DALLE 2 can produce art and realistic visuals from a description given in plain language.

DALLE 2 has figured out how images relate to the text that describes them. It employs a technique known as “diffusion,” which begins with a pattern of random dots and eventually transforms that pattern into an image as it picks up on particular details of that image.

Developers may now incorporate DALL-E directly into their applications and products thanks to OpenAI’s release of the eagerly awaited DALL-E API in public beta. Companies like Mixtiles, which prints online photographs on thin decorative tiles, and Cala, a platform for fashion creation, have previously integrated and tested the API for specific cases.

How is it different from existing art generators?

A new iteration of DALL-E, a generative language model that generates corresponding, unique visuals from sentences, is called DALL-E 2. DALL-E 2 is huge, but not by as much as GPT-3, with 3.5B parameters. Interestingly, it has smaller dimensions than its predecessor, which used 12B specifications. Despite its size, DALL-E 2 produces images with a four times higher resolution than DALL-E. In caption matching and photorealism, human judges choose DALL-E 2 over DALL-E 70% of the time.

Step-wise brief of how to use DALLE 2 for beginners

  1. Visit the DALLE 2 web app and register (it’s free).
  2. On the homepage, enter your prompt and select Generate.
  3. You’ll have four AI-generated photos to choose from after a little delay.
  4. To download, save to a collection, share to DALLE 2’s public feed, edit, or create more variations, click on any of them.

On DALLE 2, you receive 50 image generation credits upon registration (each credit provides you four picture variations). Each month, you’ll receive 15 complimentary credits. Don’t be too precious when you first start off because it is more than plenty to experiment with and learn how to use the tools. If you need more credits, you may purchase 115 more for $15.

Once inside, you’ll notice DALLE 2’s deceptively straightforward home screen. There is a text section where you may enter a question and a gallery of artwork made with DALLE 2. You must start with it.

Click Generate after entering your first prompt. Click Surprise me if you’re running out of ideas, or try one of these:

  • a Vermeer-inspired painting of a big, fluffy Irish wolfhound sipping beer in an old-fashioned tavern.
  • Impressionist picture of a Canadian man galloping a moose through a maple grove.
  • High-definition digital art with a purple cow cartoon as a portrait.

You’ll have AI-generated options to choose from after a brief wait. You can download any one by clicking into it. Add it to a collection Share, edit, or add new variants to DALLE 2’s public feed.

What else can DALLE 2 do?

DALLE 2 really is this simple to use, but there is more to it. DALLE 2 can modify photographs in addition to creating them using AI. There are two primary methods:

  • In Inpainting, a portion of an existing image is removed, and the desired filler is then added using AI.
  • Outpainting is the process of enlarging an existing image’s borders using AI.

Editing pictures with DALLE 2

There are a few ways to begin editing, and you can mix both methods to perfect your photographs. A photograph or other image that you have saved on your computer can be edited by:

  • Select the desired image by clicking Upload an Image on the DALLE 2 site.
  • It will ask you to crop it into a square, but you can omit doing so.
  • Next, select Edit picture if you want to make changes to the image, or Generate variants if you want DALLE 2 to use it as a prompt.

DALLE 2 Pricing

The DALL-E 2 API’s cost varies depending on resolution. The price is $0.02 for 1024 x 1024 pixels, $0.018 for 512 x 512 pixels, and $0.016 for 256 x 256 pixels. Companies collaborating with OpenAI’s enterprise team can take advantage of volume reductions.

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