Digital photorealistic image production and editing are about to get considerably simpler. A new AI system called DALLE 2 can produce art and realistic visuals from a description given in plain language.

DALLE 2 has figured out how images relate to the text that describes them. It employs a technique known as “diffusion,” which begins with a pattern of random dots and eventually transforms that pattern into an image as it picks up on particular details of that image.

Developers may now incorporate DALL-E directly into their applications and products thanks to OpenAI’s release of the eagerly awaited DALL-E API in public beta. Companies like Mixtiles, which prints online photographs on thin decorative tiles, and Cala, a platform for fashion creation, have previously integrated and tested the API for specific cases.

How does a person use DALLE 2?

It is incredibly easy to make AI artwork with DALLE. Text prompts, variants, and revisions are the three major image production methods.

DALLE 2 with text prompts

Let’s start with the most popular approach, text prompts. DALLE’s primary user interface consists of nothing more than a text box. After pressing “generate,” wait for around 20 seconds.

In response to your prompt, DALLE shows you  6 photos. Currently, you have the option to click on any image to view it in its entirety, download it as a PNG, add it to your personal library, or generate a shareable link.

DALLE 2 and Variations

If you’d want a different outcome, you can change how you phrase your request or just ask for something entirely new. Users are presently only allowed to submit 50 requests in a rolling 24-hour period. You can stimulate DALLE with a picture in addition to using a statement. A different approach uses an image to alert DALLE instead of text.

DALLE generates five new images in response to the given image that it deems to be quite comparable. This is a fantastic technique to go inexorably towards your goal.

Of course, you may now make endless permutations of one of these new outputs.

If you persevere through enough generations, you can significantly depart from your original aesthetic. This can frequently happen in unexpected places and in a visual style that you wouldn’t have been able to identify in the beginning. Similar to Chinese Whispers, but with images. In the right-hand example, we start with an oil painting-inspired DALLE output and then cycle through 13 levels of modifications. The graphic style changes drastically, even though each image shares some elements with the one before it.

New images based on old existing images

You can change more than only DALLE’s own outputs; and upload any image as long as you have the right to use it.

You may, for instance, submit a vintage work of art that is in the public domain, like the Mona Lisa, or another work that is open for usage, like a Creative Commons image.

Can prompt instructions be added to a variation?

For example, we cannot upload Astronaut Austen to DALLE and instruct it to alter her appearance in any way, be it to make her appear happy, as if Picasso had painted her, or any other desired outcome. Basically, DALLE develops its own internal “description” of the source image (using admittedly odd alien adjectives like “A massive [ENTITY 921298ASA], very [QUALITY 91283202AAB] with major overtones of [ASPECT 2839HSJ3]), then uses that prompt to generate nine more images.

Creating landscape and portrait images in DALLE 2

DALLE only produces square outputs, but you can stitch broader images together using out-painting!

Just download the output, open it in a photo editing programme, and drag it to one side of the canvas, transparently filling the resulting space. Save this file as a PNG, open it in DALLE, select “edit,” then type in what you wish to show in the blank spot (we chose “alien spacecraft”) before selecting a variant. To create a bigger scene, you may now easily align this second image with your original in Photoshop!

Epic murals, panoramas, and even sky-scraping vertical images are within your reach; there is no end to where you can take this.

Understanding Prompt Engineering in DALLE 2

The practice of specifying an output in such a way that DALLE produces the desired outcome is known as “prompt engineering.”

The language we use to explain each request (or ‘design a prompt’) are crucial because the magic text box is the primary control mechanism for DALLE. Even DALL-E’s creators at OpenAI are unsure of exactly what DALL-E knows although it has trained on more than 650 million photographs. Since DALL-E has never been specifically taught to make images in a particular way — it hasn’t learned about brushstrokes or camera film — it hasn’t received any ‘lessons’ in these areas.

First of all, information is power for the user. You might, for instance, ask DALLE to take a picture of something, but you could also specify the kind of camera, film, lens, lighting, etc.

This is how DALLE 2 is helping in re-engineering existing artwork and gives impetus to create new ones.

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