A similar to the Stable Diffusion text-to-image generator is PFG AI Art, this software enables artists to directly make 3D models from written descriptions. In order to experiment with different styles for a project without having to entirely change the scenario you’re working on, you may also produce results utilizing already-existing results. Currently, there are two versions of PFG Ai art available i.e. version 1.1 safetensors and version 1.1.

Diffusion has a lot of advantageous benefits. It can improve communication, help us create the right atmosphere in a room, show us an image that inspires us to look for things in the room, and do many other things.

What is PFG AI Art?

Pulsed Field Gradient, also known as PFG, is a fine-tuned variant of Stable Diffusion used to create 3D anime models. NSFW data are used mostly for training the model. But, it also produces quality SFW art and performs remarkably well with brief prompts. At the moment, PFG is available as a “checkpoint” (aka model) from the following link:

A latent text-to-image diffusion model called Stable Diffusion can turn any words into photorealistic visuals. All of the available model checkpoints are listed on this model card.

How to use PFG AI model?

The instructions for using PFG AI model are as same as that for using stable diffusion. You can follow the steps below:

  • Writing the appropriate prompt must come first on our list of priorities. We give the system a text string called prompt so that it can generate an image for you.
  • Generally speaking, the algorithm will produce better results for you with the more detailed information you offer. Finding the appropriate prompt, though, can be difficult.
  • You can identify a pertinent prompt by using tools like Lexica to make things simpler.
  • Thus, once you locate an image that is pertinent, you can click on it to display the prompt.
  • Together with the model and seed number, provide a string.
  • To view the generated result, copy the prompt, paste it into the Stable Diffusion’s PFG Ai art, and click Generate.

How to run PFG AI locally?

Follow the directions in the instructional video to run the PFG Ai art locally. The video’s URL is provided below:



Airbrush gives a wide range of PFG AI art models which are available for use in various projects, including commercials, websites, and presentations.

For your convenience, Airbrush provides a range of price options to help you pick the ideal image for your undertaking. Additionally, you may use tags or keywords to search for photographs, and you can save your favorites for simple and quick access.

There are numerous text-to-image generating models in Airbrush, including Stable Diffusion. To set up Stable Diffusion, you don’t need to adhere to any instructions. It’s simple to access in the cloud. You are only required to create a free account to begin utilizing it. So, you save time setting everything up.

You can use an Airbrush to help with four critical concerns:

  • Reduce your spending: Create your stock photos to save time and money.
  • Use anywhere: Make your home or business PC create results that seem professional.
  • Professional: You may obtain professional-quality photographs without the requirement for a photo shoot.
  • Easy Use: Airbrush’s easy interface allows you to make images, drawings, and art.